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SEGGER Cortex-M Trace Reference Board
Cortex-M Trace Reference Board (6.68.18)
Price: €19.00

The SEGGER Cortex-M Trace Reference Board is a simple hardware with
   an ARM Cortex-M4F based microcontroller, that supports the Embedded
   Trace Macrocell (ETM). Its prime purpose is to quickly set up a
   reference project for instruction tracing and live code coverage and
emPower Eval Board
emPower Eval Board (6.30.00)
Price: €98.00

Evaluation board

The emPower eval board provides a comprehensive set of SEGGER's middleware products, accelerating the start of any embedded project.
SEGGER's embOS real-time operating system is at the heart of the evaluation. Furthermore, evaluation versions of the file system emFile, graphics library emWin, emUSB Host & Device, and TCP/IP stack embOS/IP (including web server demo) enable full use of the available emPower peripherals.
embOS/IP Switch Eval Board by SEGGER
embOS/IP Switch Board (6.70.00)
Price: €98.00

embOS/IP Switch Board is intended to be mainly a demonstrator board for the Tail Tagging feature of SEGGER’s embedded IP stack embOS/IP. Micrel/Microchip has developed switches which can expand one Ethernet port into 1+n fully independent ports, supported by the so-called Tail Tagging mode. This enhancement establishes a virtual Multiport when only one physical Ethernet port is available on the CPU - by choosing another PHY.