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  • 8.08.06
Get J-Link SDK , allowing customers to integrate J-Link support into their own applications.... more
Product information "J-Link SDK"

Get J-Link SDK, allowing customers to integrate J-Link support into their own applications.

Used in a number of professional IDEs like IAR EWARM or KEIL uVision, it allows for debugging directly via a J-Link – as well as in customized production utilities.
With J-Link SDK, users can take advantage of full J-Link functionality. This includes its integrated flash programming capabilities which allow for high-speed flash programming on all supported devices – without the need to create a custom flash-loader.
Users also get complete control of the target (run, halt, reset, step). They can also set breakpoints and watchpoints (including setting Unlimited Flash Breakpoints). High-Speed Sampling, the SEGGER Real-Time Terminal, SWO and Simple Trace can be used directly in the application. It also enables low-level communication with the target via JTAG commands.

Further Details
What are some typical applications that can be used with J-Link? These include complete debuggers or additional debugger utilities like data visualizers, customized flash programming utilities (to be used in production) and automated test applications.
J-Link SDK is cross-platform, available for Windows, Linux & macOS.

Developer Pack DLL for J-Link
incl. 6 months free updates/support
Company wide license

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