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Relay_Adapter_1600_1400.png Relay Adapter
The Relay Adapter completely isolates Flasher signals from the target by means of relay contacts. Additional Product Information on
€198.00 *
J_Link_Mictor_38_Adapter_800_700.png J-Link Mictor 38 Adapter
Adapts from the standard J-Link 20-pin 0.1" target connector to Mictor 38-Pin connector. Additional Product Information on
€148.00 *
J_Link_10_Pin_Needle_Adapter_1600_1400_01.png 10-pin Needle Adapter
Adapts from 20-pin, 0.1 inch Standard connector to 10-pin, 0.05 inch TAG-Connect needle pattern Additional Product Information on
€98.00 *
J_Link_rx14_Adapter_1600_1400_01.png RX Adapter
Adapts from .1" 20-pin Standard connector to 14-pin RX600 JTAG connector incl. .1" 14-pin cable Additional Product Information on
€98.00 *
J_Link_MeasurementPatch_Adapter_800_700.png Measurement+Patch Adapter
Adapter for non-standard J-Link Target connection including 10 jumper wires for manual setup Additional Product Information on
€98.00 *
J_Link_6_Pin_Adapter_1600_1400_01.png 6-pin Needle Adapter
Adapts from 20-pin, 0.1 inch J-Link connector to 6-pin, 0.05 inch needle pattern. Incl. 6-pin cable with legs. Additional Product Information on
€98.00 *
SEGGER_5V_Target_Supply_Adapter_800_700.png 5V Target Supply Adapter
The J-Link Target Supply Adapter provides a default voltage of 5 V to power the target using pin 19. The voltage can be adjusted by replacing resistors. Additional Product Information on
€98.00 *
SEGGER_programming_voltage_Adapter_800_700.png Programming Voltage Adapter
The SEGGER Programming Voltage Adapter delivers two externally provided voltages to the target for programming targets with voltage requirements beyond 5 V. It can directly be inserted between the Flasher and the debug cable maintaining...
€98.00 *
MIPI_60_Frontside_Adapter_1600_1400.png MIPI-60 Adapter
The MIPI-60 Adapter allows JTAG connections between J-Link, J-Trace or Flasher and Jacinto7 TI target hardware systems. It provides a 19-pin JTAG/SWD and Trace connector, which allows TPIU tracing with up to 4 pins, and an Arm Standard...
€98.00 *
J_Link_TI_CTI_20_Adapter_800_700.png TI-CTI-20 Adapter
Adapts from the standard J-Link 20-pin 0.1" target connector to TI CTI-20 connector. Additional Product Information on
€68.00 *
J_Link_Supply_Adapter_800_700.png Supply Adapter
The J-Link Supply Adapter provides a fixed I/O voltage level for VTRef. It eliminates the need to connect VTRef (pin1) to the target. Additional Product Information on
€68.00 *
J_Link_SiLabs_C2_Adapter_1600_1400_01.png SiLabs C2 Adapter
Adapts from 20-pin, 0.1 inch J-Link connector to 10-pin, 0.1 inch SiLabs 8051 C2 connector. Incl. 10-pin cable. Additional Product Information on
€68.00 *
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