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J_Trace_Mictor_38_Adapter_800_700.png J-Trace Mictor 38 Adapter
Adapts from 20-pin .05" Cortex trace connector to 38 pin Mictor connector. The pin out follows the single target connector pinout specification as defined in the ARM "ETM Architecture Specification". Additional Product Information on...
€148.00 *
SEGGER_SiFive_ARTY_Trace_Adapter_1600x1400_02.png SiFive ARTY Trace Adapter
The SiFive ARTY Trace Adapter allows debug and trace connections between the J-Trace PRO and the ARTY board running SiFive RISC-V core bitstreams. The ARTY board provides several identical headers where the JD header is used as the debug...
€98.00 *