NAND Flash Evaluator

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  • 6.20.12
Get the  SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluation board and enjoy an easy-to-use, cost-effective... more
Product information "NAND Flash Evaluator"

Get the SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluation board and enjoy an easy-to-use, cost-effective testing tool designed to evaluate the features and performance of the emFile NAND driver.

The NAND Flash Eval Board has significant advantages over common evaluation boards, since it overcomes common testing limitations. Instead of being soldered to the board, a 48-pin TSOP socket is used, letting developers experiment with different types of NAND flashes. This means finding the right NAND flash for specific applications and saves money. Ultimately, no expensive development environment is needed. It also recognizes all current operating systems, straight out of the box.

Other Details
The SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluation board supports SEGGER’s real-time operating system (RTOS), embOS. It also supports the file system emFile (BASE + Encryption, FAT, Journaling, NAND, RAMDisk) and emUSB-Device (BASE + Bulk, CDC, MSD, MSD-CDROM, MTP, Printer Class, IP-over-USB component, VirtualMSD, Target Driver for Microchip AT91SAM3U).

Box Contents

  • NAND Flash Eval Board
  • USB micro connector


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