SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator

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Get the SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator , an easy-to-use evaluation board which evaluates the... more
Product information "SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator"

Get the SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator, an easy-to-use evaluation board which evaluates the features and performance of NOR and NAND emFile drivers.

Developers can use this board to test the direct and indirect programming of serial flash devices by SEGGER J-Link debug probes & production programmers. This also includes the Flasher family or programming tools – all designed to offer developers reliable, high-speed programming for controllers and memory devices.
(Q)SPI Flashes are a way of adding big, non-volatile storage to embedded systems – affordably. Evaluating the right kind for any project is a necessity but of course, this costs time. Speed and reliability can also be compromised depending on different variables, so carrying out an evaluation is an absolute must.

Other Details
Serial flash devices are soldered onto the evaluator in order to use it. Adapter boards are then plugged into the main board using an 8x2 adapter header. Since different package types are available, there are also different adapter boards such as SO-8, SO-16, BGA and SON.

Box Contents

  • (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator carrier board
  • Micro USB cable
  • 3 Adapter Boards for SO-8, SO-8W, SO-16 (blank PCB board)
  • 3 Adapter boards for BGA 4x6mm and 5x5mm (blank PCB board)
  • 3 Adapter boards for SON/DFN 8x6, 6x5, 4x4, 3x4, 3x2 (blank PCB board)
  • 6 connectors

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