Embedded Studio ARM edition

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Get  Embedded Studio for Arm, the Arm version of SEGGER’s integrated development... more
Product information "Embedded Studio ARM edition"

Get Embedded Studio for Arm, the Arm version of SEGGER’s integrated development environment (IDE), Embedded Studio, the All-In-One Embedded Development Studio.

With Embedded Studio, developers get all the tools and features they need for professional embedded C programming & development.
Embedded Studio for Arm is the full-featured licensing option of Embedded Studio. The Embedded Studio ARM license entitles you to develop your applications for as many of the supported cores and devices as you want. The all-in-one solution for complex systems and multi-device designs.

Supported Cores

With one setup Embedded Studio supports development for any ARM based microcontroller, including Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R, and legacy ARM7/9/11 cores.

Full development tool-chain including:

  • Powerful debugger
  • Seamless J-Link integration
  • Multi-threaded build process

Commercial Use License (CUL) - Single User 12 months free updates/support

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