Embedded Studio PRO - Cortex-A/R edition

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  • 20.50.08
Get Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-A/R , the All-In-One Embedded Development Environment (IDE)... more
Product information "Embedded Studio PRO - Cortex-A/R edition"

Get Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-A/R, the All-In-One Embedded Development Environment (IDE) from SEGGER.

Built especially for embedded developers, Embedded Studio PRO offers a complete embedded software suite which includes RTOS, GUI, USB-Device, USB-Host TCP/IP and a File System.
Designed as a one-stop solution, this cutting-edge development solution boasts high performance with a very small footprint in RAM and ROM. Application development can be started immediately and it can run out-of-the box on numerous popular evaluation boards. It is also royalty free. Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-A/R includes a license for Embedded Studio Cortex-ARM.

Supported Cores
Embedded Studio for Cortex-A/R supports any A/R microprocessor.

Embedded Studio PRO is an all-in-one embedded development package. It contains:

Commercial Use License (CUL) - Single User License 12 months free updates/support

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