Embedded Studio RISC-V edition – extension

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  • 20.20.55
Get the  Embedded Studio for RISC-V support extension. Enjoy one year of technical... more
Product information "Embedded Studio RISC-V edition – extension"

Get the Embedded Studio for RISC-V support extension.

Enjoy one year of technical support for the RISC-V development environment for devices based on RISC-V architecture. Whether designing your own chips or using an available device, Embedded Studio offers a complete solution that helps the debugging and development of an application.

With the one-year maintenance and CPU support License, you get:

  • Support for the open RISC-V architecture
  • RV32I
  • RV32G, RV32GC
  • RV32E

Embedded Studio for RISC-V is a full-featured version of Embedded Studio. Purchasing a commercial license means being able to use the complete development solution: toolchain, optimized run-time library, core simulator and hardware debugging with J-Link debug probes. All for any RISC-V based device.

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