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  • 20.10.20
Get the extension license for  Linux Studio – the professional, integrated development... more
Product information "Linux Studio – extension"

Get the extension license for Linux Studio – the professional, integrated development environment (IDE) from SEGGER.

Linux Studio provides developers with all the features and power of SEGGER’s Embedded Studio making it available to native host application development.
With the Linux Studio extension license, users get another year of support for all of the great features it has to offer.

Thumbnail_SystemView_1600x1400.png SystemView
€1,480.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Trace_PRO.png J-Trace PRO
From €2,980.00 *
Relay_Adapter_1600_1400.png Relay Adapter
€198.00 *
Flasher Hub-12 Flasher Hub-12
From €2,980.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Trace_PRO_RISC_V_800x700.png J-Trace PRO RISC-V
From €1,980.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Trace_PRO_Cortex_M.png J-Trace PRO Cortex-M
From €1,490.00 *
Thumbnail_Flasher_Compact.png Flasher Compact
From €898.00 *
Thumbnail_Flasher_PRO_XL_1600x1400.png Flasher PRO XL
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Flasher_Hub_angle.png Flasher Hub
€1,980.00 *
emPower_Zynq_1600_1400.png emPower Zynq
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emPower_1600_1400.png emPower
€198.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Trace_PRO_Cortex.png J-Trace PRO Cortex
From €1,980.00 *
Thumbnail_LinuxStudio_1600x1400.png Linux Studio
€498.00 *
FlasherHub4.png Flasher Hub-4
From €1,980.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Link_PRO_Poe.png J-Link PRO PoE
From €1,198.00 *
Thumbnail_Flasher_DSK_1600x1400.png Flasher DSK
€3,980.00 *
Thumbnail_J_Link_DSK_1600x1400.png J-Link DSK
€1,980.00 *