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Get the J-Trace PRO, the superspeed trace probe that is designed to support the advanced tracing... more
Product information "J-Trace PRO"

Get the J-Trace PRO, the superspeed trace probe that is designed to support the advanced tracing features of all popular cores and architectures.


With its superspeed USB 3.0 interface, J-Trace PRO enables continuous streaming trace via USB with full trace clock. This lifts the limits from internal buffers, slowing data transmission to provide the insights a developer needs to optimize code.
With J-Trace PRO, complete traces can be captured over long periods. This enables the recording of infrequent, hard-to-reproduce bugs. It is particularly helpful when the program flow ‘runs off the rails’ and stops in a fault state.


SuperSpeed USB 3.0 driven debug probe supporting unlimited streaming trace for Cortex-M, Cortex-R, Cortex-A, and RISC-V devices, 64 MB on-board trace buffer

Up to 4.0 MB/s download speed

PRO Software Package includes:

  • J-Flash / J-Flash SPI
  • J-Link Unlimited Flash Breakpoints
  • Ozone - The J-Link Debugger
  • Monitor Mode
  • J-Link ARM RDI / RDDI

Box contents

  • Cortex-M Trace Reference Board
  • .05" 20-pin debug & trace cable
  • .1" 20-pin ribbon cable (18 cm)
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Micro USB cable

Includes free software updates and 1 (one) year of email support.

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Data sheet "J-Trace PRO"
Host Interface: Ethernet, USB
Software Features: Flash Download, GDB Server, J-Flash / J-Flash SPI, Ozone, RDDI, RDI, Real-Time Transfer (RTT), Unlimited Flash Breakpoints
Target Interface: 8051 C2, cJTAG, FINE, SPD, SWD, SWO
Trace Interface: ETB Trace, ETM Trace, Unlimited Streaming Trace + Live Analysis
Supported Targets: ARM Cortex Cores, ARM legacy Cores, Renesas RX, RISC-V , SiLabs 8051
Target Interface Speed: High (4 MB/s)