Flasher Secure

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  • 5.20.01
Get the Flasher Secure , a mass production programming system that protects the vendor’s IP –... more
Product information "Flasher Secure"

Get the Flasher Secure, a mass production programming system that protects the vendor’s IP – regardless of production site.

Part of the Flasher family of programming tools from SEGGER. Provides full control over programming processes at contract manufacturers and other environments.
Flasher Secure supports vendor-specific trusted firmware features to ensure end-to-end encryption, authentication, and confidentiality covering the whole process including the 'last mile'.

Further Advantages
Flasher Secure means secured firmware. Since most modern products have a huge amount of intellectual property in their firmware, protecting this property is important. The Flasher Secure system uses authentication algorithms to make sure that only authorized boot loaders and firmware are used.

Box Contents

  • Flasher Secure
  • 20 Pin 0.1" Ribbon Cable
  • USB Cable
  • RS232 Cable (1:1)


Please Note: Flasher Server Software (5.20.20) is required to set up the complete infrastructure.

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Data sheet "Flasher Secure"
Host Interface: Ethernet, UART/RS232, USB
Supported Targets: ARM Cortex Cores, ARM legacy Cores
Target Interface: JTAG, SPD, SWD
Programming Trigger: Button, J-Flash, Telnet, Terminal, TTL, UART